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Melody Lane Piano
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Serving Calgary's music community for over 25 years!

For piano services / repairs / tuning, please call / text at (403)-399-9822 or call our landline (403)-228-1103 to make an appointment.

With over 25 years of piano servicing experience in individual homes and maintenance of pianos on retail sales floor / performance stages, our piano technician at Melody Lane continues to provide exceptional piano tuning and services to new and previous customers. Services includes:

- Tuning
- Pitch Raising
- Regulation
- Dampp Chaser (humidifier) Installation
- Voicing
- String replacement
- Key weights
- Trouble shooting. Mysterious buzzing noise, uneven keys, squeaky pedal, key that doesn't sustain or even sound at all, etc. Please call and describe your issue - chances are, he has seen it and he can fix it at a reasonable rate (including dead rats in key beds!).